A new theory on Indy’s puncture wound!

It was Ginger!

And how did this new theory come about?

Well, I’m limping now, that’s why!

It happened this evening when I was walking into the kitchen and I bumped into Ginger as he was coming out.

All of a sudden, I felt an extremely piercing pain on the sole of my foot and I immediately had to limp. Then before I knew it, blood started seeping out of the wound.

What weapon do you carry, Ginger??

I quickly cleaned the wound and press on it to stop the bleeding, but I was limping for awhile after that because of the sharp piercing pain.

Was it Ginger’s claw?

THAT sharp??

Later I quickly trimmed all his claws.

So maybe it wasn’t that tiny bit of metal which protruded from that gap at Stargate. Maybe it was a paw-claw fight between Indy and Ginger through that gap and Ginger clawed Indy just as he did when I accidentally bumped into him this evening.

Ginger wasn’t reacting in defense when I bumped into him. In fact, he was pretty nonchalant about it and continued walking. Only I yelled and immediately started limping. How did his claw pierce into the sole of my foot? It doesn’t make any sense.

Indy, my friend, let’s shake hands/paws. We both suffered the same fate….from Ginger.

Applying cold compression on Indy’s wound.

It’s so much better now. I think we don’t need the lancing.

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