Indy’s paw wound – Day 7

Today is Day 7 of Indy’s paw wound.

These are yesterday’s (Day 6) photos:

I am a little surprised that this secondary (tunneled) wound is taking longer to heal compared with the primary (original wound) at the bottom. How does that work?

Anyway, the swelling seems to have gone down. But the trouble with these wounds is that if there are still pathogens festering inside, pus can still form and if there is no outlet for it, it can tunnel again. So, it’s really still a waiting game and it’s all about monitoring it daily until it is completely healed. I still update the vet every day with photos. Indy can already put pressure on his paw entirely, but he could already do this on Day 3, with the occasional limp. Now, there is no more limping at all.

The “problem” with our super tahan-lasak hero is that he is, well….super tahan lasak. Furthermore, he is on painkillers so that might mask the pain and our hero goes about his daily business, running and jumping up shelves like nobody’s business.

In general, cats have this tendency to not show pain until it’s really unbearable. Why are they so? Well, they are just like that. Dogs, on the other hand, will tell you about their very slightest pain. The vet did remark when she attended to Indy that day, she said the if a dog had such  a wound, you will not hear the end of it. Now, that is “good”, because at least you know the poor thing is in pain and you can do something about it.

The 5-minute cold compression. Indy doesn’t object. Twice a day.

Indy is not out of the woods yet. It all depends on how well it heals. That will decide if lancing is required. Now, it’s a battle between Indy (and the two antibiotics) and the pathogens.

We hope Indy wins!

2 comments to Indy’s paw wound – Day 7

  • Lee Lay Cheng

    Dr Chan,
    I’ve been using this pyrad violet (product of Thailand) for all the stray cats and dogs that have injuries or cuts,it works wonders @ it will dry up the wound and aid healing very fast. Ever since I was introduced to this product 3-4yrs ago,I can’t do without it. It’s always a standby medicine. You can read more of it .
    I understand that this product is actually for humans and one of the use is mouth ulcer. I’ve applied on cats n dogs and they do tend to lick it but it is harmless thus far.

    Prior to pandemic,I always rely on a friend to get it from Thailand for me (‘brand’ :man’s picture) but due to travel restrictions,I managed to source via shopee(but could only get the ‘brand’ of a lady). If you want the picture,I would be glad to send it to you via email .