The latest craze in Bunny’s Place – cardboard boxes!

This is the current hit in Bunny’s Place now – cardboard boxes!

I’m glad Bunny took this box. Indy was trying to wrestle it from him on the first day, but Bunny won!

Cleo’s box is actually Cow’s first, but as usual, the Queen snatches. We might want to get another box for Cow.  Indy is in his “sick bay”.

Nobody wants the pillows on the first floor anymore! It’s cardboard boxes on the ground floor now.

It’s a challenge to ensure that Bunny will always have a place inside the room. It was so troubling during the days when Bunny couldn’t find a place and kept staying outside at the pantry in the cold air. Nothing worked at that time. The thing with cats is they have this natural habit of changing “nests” after some time, so it’s an ongoing challenge for us.

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