What did Ryan do with his latest toy?

Yesterday was a hectic and challenging day for us (and luckily husband did not have to work).

Ryan’s school had a Covid case so it was suddenly closed.

We had to babysit both Ryan and Jayden for the day.

It was tiring, but fun.

Luckily we had already prepared a new toy for Ryan – the Duplo Garbage Truck. Ryan is really into vehicles. That’s his thing. And he’s just started building things with Duplo blocks (previously, it was just tearing everything apart).

So, Ryan was REALLY excited with his new toy and very quickly, was able to put the pieces together. Would you believe it, he actually referred to the manual to check if he’d got them all right, and he’s only 2.5 years old! Good boy…check all the details, make sure nothing is left out.

Right after he assembled his brand new garbage truck, what did Ryan do?

There’s no question about it, the toy must be shared, so…

Lucky Cow Mau!!