Bunny’s fussy taste buds

It’s been getting extremely challenging to feed Bunny these days.

As of this morning, nothing worked anymore. He has rejected all the food I have, including what I keep as the last resort which has always worked – RC renal kibble. Even that was rejected this morning.

A thought also occurred to me, is Bunny being extremely fussy (which is what I thought he was) or is this due to the progression of his kidney condition? A loss of appetite is an inevitable symptom which will come…eventually. That got me a little worried.

So I decided to try something – Mirtazapine.

Now, the thing with the transdermal Mirtazapine is that it has never worked for any of our cats before!  So I do have my doubts about it.  Maybe this was because whenever it was given to our cats previously, it was always due to the terminality of the disease which was already past the point of no return, sadly.

But I decided to try it on Bunny anyway. There’s nothing to lose.

So, this morning, I rubbed 0.1ml onto Bunny’s ear after he refused all the breakfasts that I had offered and pleaded with him to eat.

After a few hours, the miracle happened! The Mirtazapine actually worked!

Bunny began asking for food.

I decided to give him something which he’d rejected before – raw chicken breast meat in some water.

He sapu habis!

Good, good….

And all throughout the day today, Bunny has been eating. The raw meat in water seems to be his latest craze today, so I let him eat it.

This evening, I added a wee bit of Cubgrub into the raw meat, hoping I can use it to transition Bunny back to the raw diet. He ate up the raw meat and left the Cubgrub. Hmm…still so fussy!

As usual, if Bunny’s meal is not monitored, it gets snatched by Cleo.

Cleo is the only one who snatches another’s meal. Cow Mau and Indy are perfect gentle-cats who would never do “such things”.

Cleo, you are a royal gangster, aren’t you?

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