All-new Monge products from Ecopet!

Ecopet has brought in new Monge products for dogs and cats!!

Here are the photos of the new products and for more information on the flavours, please refer to our Gifts link:

If you live in the Klang Valley and would like to order at least RM350 (any of the products we offer), you may order from us. Your donation will go to the animals.

These are the brand new products, and of course all the old products are still available.  The new “monoproteins” are very interesting, especially for pets who require single proteins.

What’s new for cats:

New for dogs:

Of the above, some are complementary food and some are complete diets. “Complementary” means it does not contain ALL the nutrients for the animal. “Complete” means it does.

Talking about complete diets, Cindy’s Recipe also has this range of 400g canned food which is a complete diet for cats.

Its write-up says:

Cindy’s Recipe Complete Series is formulated to provide overall health and benefits for felines of all ages and breeds. As a complete and balanced meal, our wet food is made with human-grade ingredients; all specially made in Italy with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives added. Presented in a silky smooth pate, Cindy’s Recipe Complete series offers an irresistible luscious meal that only your cat deserves!

The only problem with cats is that….they are so fussy and choosy!  And usually, they love junk!  So we can only serve, try and coax….”please, please eat this, it’s good for you….please?”  Tell me about it, I have SIX to serve!

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