The food stories continue…

This photo has nothing to do with the title of this post…haha. It’s just a rare sight – Cleo and Indy sitting together on the same shelf and so near to each other too. The stars must have been aligned!

So, our food stories continue…

Everybody’s so fussy and needs constant variety and change, so this is what everyone is eating as of these few days:

Cow Mau – back to the raw diet, plus Brit Renal.
Bunny – must start with raw chicken meat, followed by Brit Renal if possible. Still cannot get him to eat Cubgrub or Coco’s.
Cleo – still her usual anorexic meals, but back to the raw diet too.
Indy – start with Cindy’s baby food every morning, followed by whatever he wants (raw or Brit Renal).
Tabs – her usual raw diet, sprinkled with Primal.
Ginger – believe it or not, back to his raw diet too, sprinkled with Primal. Occasionally on Hill’s CD for prevention of FLUTD.

Hmm…looking at the above, my quest to go back to 100% raw isn’t doing too bad, is it?

But….everybody gets RC renal kibble as a snack. Sometimes it’s canned food. These can be served very quickly and get eaten up because they love it, and I don’t have to coax and persuade them like I need to with raw food.

Because Jayden is here, it’s no longer the three strict square meals per day at specific times.

I start them with a full meal at 5am in the morning and give them all their supplements. Then, if possible, fit in their lunch (again, a proper meal) – I can normally do this because husband will still be here to assist me with Jayden, usually.  Then once he goes off to work, I’m all alone with Jayden. Now, this becomes tricky because I sometimes cannot give them their dinner at 5.30pm, so I sneak in snacks whenever Jayden takes a nap to ensure nobody gets hungry. The snacks can be kibble or canned food.

Then, after Jayden goes back home in the evening, everyone gets a full meal again. So I do make sure there are still three square meals, only the timing is a little off. To ensure nobody gets hungry, they get snacks.

The food plan is working pretty well, I’d say.

Subcut sessions have been changed to night time now.

We adapt when we have to.

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