Rey and Robin return!

Those who have been following this blog might remember Minnie and her boys. Minnie brought her son, Smurfy, to our house in March 2020, to seek help. Minnie had jaundice and Smurfy was incredibly thin. But Minnie was in early pregnancy. I got her treated, and she gave birth to four boys – Rey, Lynx, Robin and Rio. The whole family was adopted 1.5 years ago when the boys were 6 months old (all neutered and fully vaccinated).

Rio passed away suddenly of unknown causes shortly after his first birthday at his new home. Minnie and Smurfy are still quite feral but are happily settled. In fact, Minnie is a socialite and has many cat-friends. Smurfy is a loner and happy being so. Lynx is a “taikor” and probably the leader of his own gang.

What about Rey and Robin?

Well, Rey and Robin are back with us now!!!

They came back this afternoon.

We don’t have a proper place for them yet (but we will get a contractor to build a proper catio for them. Meanwhile, I’ve set up a room upstairs as a temporary quarantine room for them.

All ready, waiting for their arrival.

We actually visited the whole family yesterday. Minnie and Smurfy are still untouchables (as they were before). Lynx came to us, but has his own happy gang. Rey and Robin were super manja and stayed with us while we were there. Rey has a skin issue and Robin has an “eating problem” in that he is so timid that he finds it very hard to compete for food with the other cats. Robin has always been timid even when he was a kitten. So we decided to bring Rey and Robin back because we know that the adopter has to look after many cats. Minnie’s family also no longer stick together as they already have their own social circles there. Only Rey and Rio are still together.

Today I couldn’t go as I was looking after Jayden, so my husband went to take Rey and Robin back. I waited with bated breath at home while I prepared the room for them.

My husband said that the moment he arrived with the carrier, Rey had already come to him and had entered the carrier. Robin stood up, waiting in anticipation.

How did they know??

Cats are empaths. Of course they know!

I don’t remember being ever this excited for the longest time. There are some uncertainties. Will Ginger accept them? Will Ginger bully them? Will Tabs be afraid of them (again, as she was when they were with us)? Will they be able to adapt to our house again? We were quite reassured when both of them came and sat with us yesterday. We had not visited them at all throughout the 1.5 years as it was during the pandemic. But I get monthly videos and photos.

They are back!!!!!!

I had prepared Cindy’s Complete Pate as well as raw food. When they were with us, they were on a pure raw diet. But before they were adopted, I had to switch them over to canned and kibble because that’s what their new home served. I have not decided at this moment if they should be converted back to a 100% raw diet or do a “rojak”. Well, that can wait. Our 6 cats are on a rojak diet now because of their aging issues. “Fed is best” is the principle I’ve adopted for them now.

I was quite surprised that both Rey and Robin ate the raw food that I served them too.

Rey has a skin problem which shall be attended to tomorrow when I take them both to the vet’s for a check-up. Robin is thin, maybe because he has had this problem of being unable to compete for food due to his extreme shyness and timid nature. Even yesterday when we were there, I personally fed him almost 3 cans of food, but it wasn’t easy. The moment another cat came, he would walk away. He is so timid, and is only comfortable with Rey.

Eat, eat, eat!!!

This is their old cat tree.

This is Robin. We used to call him “Bin Bin”. The most manja, and our favourite amongst them all.

Of course they are now busy exploring the whole room and cats would instinctively try to “escape”. The room is escape-proof, I’ve made sure of that. The only way out is through the door.

We’ve been looking at catio designs. The plan is to eventually let Rey and Robin stay with Ginger. Ginger was their favourite “uncle” when they were born and growing up with us. Will Ginger accept them again, we don’t know. We can only try, perhaps using Jackson Galaxy’s ideas.

Tabs was waiting outside the door, she knows there’s something going on inside. But because of Rey’s skin problem (which could be fungal or mange), I don’t dare let them mix yet. We’ll see what the vet says tomorrow.

I applied Advocate spot-on on both of them today.

Thank you so much to the adopter for looking after all of them.

Rey and Robin are back now and my hope is that I can see them through. They just turned two on 6th June. I did send a whole lot of canned food to the adopter’s clan for them to celebrate their birthday with their friends.


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