The verdict on Cindy’s Complete Pate

Cindy’s Complete Pate isn’t something new on the market, but our cats have not tried it before.

Previously, our cats were on a 100% raw diet. But a long story cut short (those who follow the blog would know why), I had to compromise a little and give them some canned and kibble now.  So I’ve been trying various brands.

Cats, as all cat parents would know, can be incredibly fussy, so variety is what they demand for.

Cindy’s Complete Pate is a complete food (again, not complementary, but complete). It is also grain free.

The write-up says:

Cindy’s Recipe Complete Series is formulated to provide overall health and benefits for felines of all ages and breeds. As a complete and balanced meal, our wet food is made with human-grade ingredients; all specially made in Italy with no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives added. Presented in a silky smooth pate, Cindy’s Recipe Complete series offers an irresistible luscious meal that only your cat deserves!

The protein content is 7.5% – so it’s suitable for our geriatric and kidney cats.

The verdict?

Again, they absolutely LOVED it!

It comes in 6 flavours, but I’m only opting for three – Chicken, Chicken Liver and Turkey.  There’s also Salmon, Tuna and Beef.  I don’t give fish as far as possible as fish isn’t the cat’s ancestral diet. As far as we know, cats originated from Persia (modern-day Iran) hundreds of thousand years ago, that’s a desert area, so they couldn’t have eaten fish. But then again, Asian cats have evolved to eat fish over the millenniums. Still, biologically, an animal’s digestive system might not have changed that much. So I would prefer to stick to poultry and rodent (rabbit). Beef….well, call me biased. No beef, if possible.

A breakfast feast at 4.30am this morning!!

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