Rey & Robin – after the visit to the vet’s

This is going to be a very long story….

Here’s a record of what’s wrong with both of them and the treatment administered:


Weight 5.5kg (that’s good)
Has tongue ulcer due to virus – to give Vetri DMG
Has the flu – also Vetri DMG
Ear infection – to apply Pyo Clean (more effective than Epiotic cleaner)
Was a little bloated and gassy – to deworm
Rey’s balding patches is due to a flea bite allergy. This means he got bitten by a flea and he is allergic, hence it becomes very itchy, he scratches, he balds. There is visible flea dirt on Rey too. Rey’s hair roots are infected too (observed under microscope). Treatment – given a low dose steroid injection today, to bathe with Malaseb every five days. The vet did not find any fungus in the bald spots, but to be sure a fungal culture will be done, results known in 4 days’ time. Already applied Advocate spot-on yesterday (part of the treatment).
Rey checked for FIV/FeLV – thank goodness it’s negative.
Rey was dewormed.
Vaccination cannot be done until he recovers from the above.


Weight 3.4kg (severely underweight)
Has tongue ulcer due to virus – to give Vetri DMG
Robin is the one with the diarrhoea (see pictures below) – stools examined – found bacteria. I asked if the diarrhoea could have been caused by (1) excessive eating yesterday, (2) the change of food, (3) eating a bit of raw food, etc – the vet said no. If the gut is healthy, none of these can cause the diarrhoea. So, Robin’s gut is not healthy and it is also infected. The stool examination found anaerobic bacteria and the infection has been there for some time now. It isn’t something that happened overnight. To treat, the vet gave a B12 jab and Robin is to start on antibiotics (Metronidazole).
As the vet was very concerned about Robin being underweight, I was advised to have a full bloodwork done on him to check if there is any organ damage.
Robin was checked for FIV/FeLV – thank goodness it is negative too.
Robin was dewormed again although the adopter had dewormed him in mid-May.
Vaccination cannot be done until he recovers from the above.
Already applied Advocate spot-on yesterday.
With bated breath, we waited for the blood test results. I was so worried in case he already had any organ failure. Luckily the blood test showed that Robin’s kidneys and liver are both normal. Only his globulin is high, probably because he is having the diarrhoea now.
The vet also mentioned the slim possibility of FIP (corona virus), and this was also at the back of my mind because of the diarrhoea, but the vet thinks it is NOT LIKELY because Robin does not have any other symptoms of FIP.

We came home and I quickly separated Robin and Rey (vet advised to do so in case the diarrhoea spreads since it is a bacterial infection). I fed Robin Hill’s ID (which thankfully he was willing to eat) and gave him his first dose of Metronidazole. Rey was given normal food.

Then, I fed the rest of our cats and was just in time for Jayden’s arrival for the day. Jayden is staying overnight now.

After a few hours, I went in to check on Robin and you won’t believe this – there were only FOUR droplets of diarrhoea. This is a HUGE improvement from the three rounds of cleaning I’ve had to do this morning before going to the vet’s where the entire floor was covered with droplets and patches of diarrhoea. Yes, THREE rounds. When I checked in the evening, there was only ONE drop of diarrhoea. Our vet is amazing, isn’t she?

I will have to bathe Rey with Malaseb tomorrow and clean his ears.

Hopefully, both of them will get well in time.

By evening, Robin was reluctant to eat the ID already. What a mischievous cat! So I gave him Cindy’s Tender Chicken which is very similar to boiled chicken. I don’t know if Robin is the type of cat who simply cannot put on weight, or he hasn’t been able to compete for food at his previous home. I hope he can put on some weight after this.

This is the droplets and patches of diarrhoea which covered the entire floor this morning. It just drips from Robin’s anus. This morning, there was hundreds of such small patches all over the floor, but at the last check this evening, there was only ONE. Please, let it NOT be FIP.

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