Rey & Robin’s dinner

I gave Robin a bath as well and that was quite a disaster! He was literally screaming and Rey didn’t even bother to come out to look! Anyway, it was a quick bath and he got dry very quickly.

For dinner, thanks to a friendly reminder by my friend, Agnes, I put pumpkin together with his chicken to steam, so Robin had steamed chicken with pumpkin.

What I do now is to first serve Robin in the bathroom (because the moment I enter the bathroom he will always be there to greet me) and quickly close the door. Then, I serve Rey in the room. Rey had a mix of ID (just to finish the can that Robin refused to eat), raw chicken, raw gizzards and Cindy’s Complete Pate. Rey ate, as usual, like a gentleman. By the time Rey had finished, I open the bathroom door and our guzzler and food-snatcher, Robin, had also finished his. Yay! He ate the steamed pumpkin too.

I also pumped Vetri DMG into their food, because feeding them by syringe turned out to be very difficult. For Robin’s antibiotic, I just the bread-ball and it worked. Pilling him using the finger is also a struggle.

Gentleman Rey eating his dinner. I’m glad he ate up all the gizzards. The boys used to LOVE raw gizzards last time. I’ll slowly reintroduce Rey to the raw diet. The same plan is for Robin but we have to settle his diarrhoea first.

This is what’s left of Robin’s steamed chicken with pumpkin (laced with Vetri DMG). Robin’s diarrhoea has improved a lot, but there is still a wee bit of it. Hopefully it will be all gone by tomorrow.

Then and only then will I start to reintroduce him back to the raw diet. I hope Robin can put on some weight and at least reach 4kg, slowly and steadily.


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