Rey’s Malaseb bath!

I did it!


And got scratched in the process and I think there might be a hole in my tshirt too, but never mind!  I was home alone with Jayden so I asked Jia-Wen to come over for a few minutes to look after Jayden.

First, I prepared the towels, the e-collar and the hair dryer in the next room.

Going to use the shower area, need a stool because I cannot squat (for more than 10 years now).

I carried Rey in and he didn’t suspect a thing until I turned on the shower. Of course he struggled and jumped like crazy. I used warm water. Then, I rubbed the Malaseb shampoo all over and realised I had left my phone in the room. So I started counting numbers – 1, 2, 3,…..until 420. The vet said 7 minutes is the minimum. While counting, I continued massaging Rey – he rather liked it, actually and didn’t struggle as much. Robin came to “help” his brother….awww. He stood on the covered toilet bowl to watch and make sure his brother was okay.

After 7 minutes, I had to rinse him off and the struggle started all over again. After rinsing, I reached for the towel and wiped him as much as I could before bringing him out to the room for the hair dryer.

Oh, the hair dryer sound was a no-go, absolutely. Rey was too scared, so I decided not to do it. It’s a sunny day, and he has very short fur, it should dry very fast. I let him go and he ran for cover to his favourite hiding place, between the tarpaulin and the bed headboard. That’s where he hides now, but when I called him, he immediately came out.

He’s already completely dry because I let him hide for 5 minutes to settle down.

You’re done, Rey! Good boy!

The next one will be in 5 days…phew!

Meanwhile in the commotion and pandemonium, Robin was attempting to escape from the window of the other room, but I believe I have escape-proofed these two rooms plus the bathroom quite adequately. All the sons have Minnie’s genes – they are wired to escape, if only for the thrill and challenge of it.

For a reward (which was lunch), I “tricked” Robin into going into the bathroom and locked him there with his steamed chicken while Rey was served Monge Monoprotein 100% Rabbit (who can resist this?). Rey eats like a gentleman. Robin snatches food!

By the time gentleman-Rey finished his food, Robin too had polished his bowl clean – Success!!  Otherwise, there would be no way Robin would eat his bland steamed chicken. He would surely snatch Rey’s tasty rabbit.

I’ll go check later if there is any diarrhoea. I know this “brand” of diarrhoea – it’s the type where you go right after eating something.

On another note, it isn’t easy pilling or syringing medicine for Robin and Rey. They probably have not had the experience in their previous home. That’s going to take some work. This morning, we cleaned Rey’s ears with Pyo Clean – it was a struggle too.

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