Bunny and his chronic constipation

I shall not repeat the backstory for Bunny and it’s a long story.

Ever since I started a more “rojak” diet for Bunny, it has really helped with his constipation problem. I think adding kibble and canned creates bulk – it’s as simple as that. So he is able to defecate, but he is still on Cisapride to help with the motility in his intestines and he is still on Lactulose twice a day.

The vet had said I could slowly decrease the Lactulose and monitor his bowel movement.

I did.

I started by reducing the twice-daily Lactulose from 2ml to 1.5ml. But still twice a day. It worked. Bunny could still defecate.

Then, two days ago, I reduced it to once a day – 1.5ml. It still worked!!

But yesterday, there was no poo.

This morning, again, no poo. And worst of all, this morning I saw Bunny straining twice and nothing came out.

Oh no, oh no, oh no….it looks like the twice-daily Lactulose simply cannot be stopped.

I was all ready to take Bunny to the vet already today, but luckily after a while, I saw Bunny’s trademark poo (yes, only a small piece) on the grass at this usual place. Phew!!

Looks like we simply cannot reduce the Lactulose.

I guess once old, problems will arise and it becomes chronic. It’s unlike an illness where one gets better or even recover from it completely. It’s a chronic problem which will have to be managed all of Bunny’s life.

And we will manage it.

Bunny has also been very fussy about food. He will only eat raw chicken meat (well, at least it’s raw) and if I’m lucky, he will eat some Brit Renal (a complete diet). He will also eat Monge Monoprotein 100% Rabbit (again, a complete diet). Some canned food brands are not  complete diets but only complementary. As far as I know, an animal needs a complete diet for long term health. Complementary as snacks is perfectly okay, of course. But only as snacks.

Bunny in his favourite Blue House.

Am so relieved I don’t have to take Bunny to the vet’s today as I have a long day ahead.

Rey and Robin are fine. Robin’s diarrhoea is still there, but very much reduced. I think he IS on the mend. So relieved.







2 responses to “Bunny and his chronic constipation”

  1. Agnes

    Steamed pumpkin works both ways, diarrhoea as well as constipation. Can try for Bunny?

    1. chankahyein

      Thanks, Agnes. Bunny WAS on steamed pumpkin for many months. It no longer works for him and he also refuses to eat it now.