Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx’ medical check-up and dinner

Here’s the results of today’s medical check up for Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx.


Weight: 5.4kg
Applied Advocate spot-on
Smurfy has an infected wound on the right side of his body, infected with round bacteria. Treatment – Clean with chlorohexidine and apply Fucidin twice a day. Because of this wound, the lymph node near the wound is enlarged. It should subside once the wound heals.
Smurfy has lost some incisors too.
Gum inflammation and enlarged neck lymph nodes. To give Vetri DMG.
Vaccination next week if eating well and no issues crop up.


Weight: 4kg exactly
Applied Advocate spot-on
Minnie has arthritis in her joints. Normally when young cats have arthritis, it could be due to injury.
Minnie has lost many incisors.
Has gum inflammation and enlarged neck lymph nodes, like Smurfy. To give Vetri DMG.
Minnie has gingivitis as well. To give Orozyme.
Minnie has many allergic cells (blood test).
Vaccination next week if eating well and no issues crop up.


Weight: 5.64kg
Applied Advocate spot-on
Lynx also has gingivitis. To give Vetri DMG and Orozyme.
Lynx has many allergic cells (blood test).
Vaccination next week if eating well and no issues crop up.

So all in, Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx are in much better shape then Rey and Robin. This is also why we brought Rey and Robin back first.

The vet said to let them settle down, monitor to ensure they are eating well and if there are any issues, it should show within one week. If there are none, then they can be vaccinated in one week’s time. And because their vaccination last year was not done, they would need two vaccinations this year.

Since all of them are young, they should be on daily Orozyme as well.

Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx were hiding in the room from the time I brought them back to the time we took them to the vet’s. Food was offered in three separate bowls and I did leave the room to give them privacy but the food remained untouched. This is so different from Rey and Robin who came home and immediately ate like they hadn’t eaten in a long time!

The vet said since Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx did not have anything contagious, I could reunite them with Rey and Robin, so that’s what I did upon reaching home.

I opened the two bathroom doors that adjoin the two rooms, and Rey and Robin quickly came over. The two are SO super confident now. They are totally at home. Actually, Robin is the most confident! No more timid, shy and scared as he was in his previous home.

Different environment, different behaviour.

Rey is also super manja now.

I remember rehoming Raven last time (she was a black kitten who had come on her own to our house). After a few weeks I went to visit, but Raven could no longer recognise me. That was what gave me doubts about bringing Minnie’s family home, I wasn’t sure if they would remember me, but they do!

Rey quickly came to see Minnie (she’s in the box).

For tonight’s dinner, Rey and Robin ate 100% raw food. I am confident Robin’s diarrhoea is gone. (Update: I was wrong, the diarrhoea came back, so it would have to be back to steamed chicken tomorrow.)

Rey and Robin are eating like nobody’s business.

Smurfy is still hiding but is willing to eat in his hiding place.

Lynx is also eating in his hiding place.

Minnie is more interested in surveying the windows to try to escape, as expected. To escape is in her DNA.

I waited patiently and finally she came out to eat.

And then continued trying to find ways to escape.

Lynx finally came out of hiding!

Rey and Robin are completely at home, playing “hosts” to their family!

Lynx is out!

So only Smurfy is hiding now. We will give him all the time he needs. They will be living in these two rooms until our catio is ready.

Meanwhile Tabs and Ginger are eager to meet them and have been coming to the doors of both rooms. What are the chances that Uncle Ginger will be their mentor again? What are the chances that Tabs will not be afraid of them now?

We shall see….one step at a time.

But I’m so glad they are home now!

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