Welcome home, Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx!

Yes, they are back with me!

I went with a friend to collect them today.

Early this morning, I prepared our next bedroom as a post-quarantine room for Rey & Robin. Robin’s diarrhoea is still there, but it’s very much better so I can put them together already. I took a few hours to get them to come over to this bedroom.

Then, my friend and I went to collect Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx.

They are home now! And I will be taking them to the vet’s for a check-up later today.

Minnie and Smurfy!

Now, it’s very hard to tell them apart because they are exactly the same grey colour. The tell-tale is that Minnie is slightly smaller and Minnie (being female) has an ear notch.

The whole family is “wired” to escape if only for the thrill and challenge of it.

Lynx found Rey’s hiding place! It’s between the tarpaulin and the headboard.

By the way, Lynx came to me when we reached today. Looks like he knew. And it’s normally very hard for the adopter to even touch Minnie and Smurfy, but both allowed to be caught today and went into the carrier.

They know, don’t they? They know they are coming home.

I shall update after the vet’s visit. I hope they are all well. Smurfy has a wound but it doesn’t look serious. I had also given Smurfy the FeLV vaccine before he was adopted.

After their check-up I will reunite the whole family if Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx do not have any health problems that is contagious. Rey and Robin are currently in the next room enjoying a meal of steamed chicken! Minnie, Smurfy and Lynx are hiding between the tarpaulin and headboard and are too scared to come out to eat….for now. Of course I know it will take some time. It’s a “new” place for them.

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