Minnie’s family dinner (Day 2)

Everybody’s eating now!!

And nobody is in hiding anymore though Smurfy is still a little wary of us.

Minnie and Smurfy having dinner.

The champion guzzlers, Robin and Rey.

Lynx used to be the gangster food snatcher when he was young, but he no longer plays that role now. He only eats his fair share and is satisfied. The food snatcher now is Robin!

It is so difficult to tell Minnie and Smurfy apart! You’ll have to check the ear-notch.

This is Minnie.

This is Smurfy.

Smurfy let me clean his wound this evening and apply the antibiotic cream on it.

I bought three new plastic baskets for them this afternoon. Guess who was the first to use them? Yes, Robin!

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