Day 3 – Let the games begin!!

It’s Day 3 of the happy family reunion of Minnie’s family today!

This morning, everyone greeted me the moment I opened the door to enter the room. Normally, whenever I open the door, regardless of which bedroom door, someone will be right there, like an excited little puppy wagging his tail. And who might that be?


This morning, it was everyone. Well, almost everyone. Only Minnie was still on the platform. Even Smurfy is no longer in hiding. He has joined his brothers to get all excited and happy.

The room was in a bit of a mess because they had been playing, so that’s what I call “happy mess”, which is most welcome.

And by the way, since yesterday morning, when I fed the cats in Bunny’s Place, “someone” would be calling me from the window above. I bet that was Robin! The two bedroom windows are directly above and overlooks Bunny’s Place.

Robin’s diarrhoea is still there. It’s mild, but it hasn’t gone away completely. I remembered that Indy had this kind of persistent loose stools a few years ago. The vet couldn’t solve the problem and finally I solved it myself by switching his diet to rabbit. It took weeks for me to find this solution and I got it from a shelter website. So it was an allergy problem. Apparently, being on a certain protein for too long CAN cause an allergy. Once I switched Indy to rabbit, the problem was solved. It was like a miracle.

So this morning, I decided to try giving Robin some rabbit. I didn’t have any pure raw rabbit (Coco’s Rabbit Recipe has chicken and rabbit), but I have Monge Monoprotein’s 100% Rabbit. It’s canned and everyone loved it. So I gave Robin a bowl. Of course by doing so, everyone else also gets it.

Feeding them now made me realise that because they had not been given individual bowls at their old home and they had to compete for food, even now that old habit persists. I give them individual bowls, but they do “musical chairs” and switch from one bowl to another. Robin even switches from one room to another, rushing to eat as much as he can. Poor thing….he must have had to fight for food so much that it has become a habit for him. I would need time to “train” them to eat from individual bowls again.

Minnie and Smurfy

Rey, Robin and Lynx

After finishing their breakfast, Robin announced to everyone that it was PLAY TIME!!

They darted to and fro, zooming from one room to the other, playing hide-and-seek (the tarpaulin forms good hiding places) and catch-me-if-you-can. The floor was all wet because they had spilled water onto the floor from their water bowls, so I mopped it up. It was still wet and Robin skidded on the floor. He was SO happy and created a game out of it!

I was so happy just watching them play. I’m glad they are so happy being back home!

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