Minnie and the boys’ update (including Rey’s Malaseb bath)

It’s Day 5 today!

Lynx wants to be the centre of attention!

Smurfy’s wound is healing quite well.

Ah, sorry for this picture, but it seems like the Saccharomyces Boulardii could be working. It’s no longer pure liquid stools, it is pasty now.

Robin is still eating by himself in one room while the rest eat in the other room. This is because I have to ensure Robin eats up his “special” food and also so that he won’t snatch another’s food.

Play time!

These two bedrooms and the adjoning bathroom is a temporary quarantine area for them while awaiting the building of our catio. The “catio” is just going to be our existing patio being totally netted up so that Minnie and the boys cannot climb to escape. Then of course comes the challenge of them living with Uncle Ginger.

Ginger, meanwhile, has occasionally come to the outside of the door to wait. I haven’t gone the extra step of letting Ginger mix with them yet. I’m doing a tweaked version of Jack Galaxy’s advice – let them smell each other with a door between them.

Rey’s Malaseb bath today.

His balding patches are healing too.

Smurfy is the slowest and least aggressive when it comes to meals, so I have to supervise and make sure the rest don’t steal his food.

Firmer stools from Robin this evening!!

I have converted everyone back to 100% raw now!  Yes, even Robin is eating 100% raw with steamed pumpkin. They eat Coco&Joe’s mixed with gizzards and chicken breast meat. I was told Coco’s has a new formula, it’s called Prime Combo and it’s specially meant for weak and/or thin cats – this would be perfect for Robin! I’m going to order when I can find space in my freezer to store it! However, it’s not suitable for kidney cats.

For snacks, they LOVE Cubgrub’s chicken treats (it’s dehydrated)!