Fundraising: Food Aid to reach out to Survivor Shelter, Semenyih

With the escalating price of petfood and other foods (like chicken and rice), shelters are having a hard time sustaining their operational costs, especially in the area of food.

Since we already have a Food Aid, we hope to reach out to certain shelters to help them out in these difficult times. Regardless of the price of food, animals still have to eat.

And when the animals are living in shelters, they totally depend on the shelter operators to feed them. They cannot hunt for food anymore.

As such, we have identified a few shelters that require food aid, based on recommendations by trustworthy friends and our conversations with the shelter operators.

The first one is Survivor Shelter located in Semenyih, whom we’ve helped once during the MCO in May 2020. Survivor Shelter is founded and run by Ms Ong Siew Hiang. She works as a hawker selling burgers at a foodcourt from 3pm until 4am every day, to earn enough money to cover one worker’s salary at the shelter, the dogs’ upkeep, their food and medical treatment, pet taxi charges to ferry the dogs to and from the clinic and rental for the piece of land.

The shelter currently has 50 dogs, mostly seniors. Most of these dogs were rescued by Ms Ong herself while some were surrendered by people who have ceased to pay for their upkeep. The majority of the dogs have been neutered.

We have already ordered 25 packs of 18kg dog kibble for Survivor Shelter. If you would like to contribute to this batch, kindly write to me at with your bank-in details.

Kindly write “Food Aid Survivor Shelter” in the reference line on your online banking details. In the event that your bank-in arrives after we have already paid for this batch, it will be used for the next batch to another shelter. Please note that such aid will not be done on a monthly basis, rather, it is totally dependent on fund availability and recommendations.

For donations that are made without any reference, priority is always given to our Neutering Aid and Vaccination Aid. Surplus funds will be channeled to Food Aid especially during these difficult times when shelters are facing challenges in feeding their animals.

Please help us share this post.

Thank you for your kindness.

Photos and a video of Survivor Shelter:

We have also identified another shelter that requires food aid, but we are still waiting for photographs and videos from the shelter operator. Will be updating after we receive the photos.