Ginger meets Minnie and the boys!

We figured that if Minnie and the boys remember us, they should remember Ginger, right?

Well, remembering is one thing, will they find him a threat now that the boys are all adults?

There was only one way to find out.

Socialite Minnie remembers Ginger!

Well, we were so worried that Ginger would bully them?  Now, I think it’s the reverse! Anyway, it’s a promising start. No fur flying everywhere, no war cries. Just hisses.

Yes, it’s promising!

Ginger has been coming to the door and waiting on a number of occasions. I was hoping to give it time for him to get accustomed to their smell. Minnie’s family has been back for a week now.

We hope to get our “catio” done up when we can, but no high expectations, please. It’s just netting up Ginger’s patio and making it Minnie-escape-proof. At the same time, we are also netting up Bunny’s Place because Minnie would surely find a way to get there.