Ginger-Longkang….yes, again!

It looks like Ginger wants to make an escape every day after dinner.

He did it again yesterday evening, slipped out in between husband’s legs when the latter opened Stargate2. Ginger simply comes from nowhere. He makes sure you do not see him or even know that he is planning an escape. Cats are empaths, they have a way of doing this.

He came back to the garbage compartment platform after about 45 minutes, but was too proud to come in through Stargate2 which had been left wide open. I had to go invite him back with a bowl of food.

Ginger is the only cat left now who will only eat his raw food if I put a few pellets of kibble on top. Otherwise, he walks. It’s a boycott. This is not good – mixing kibble with raw food (or even canned food). I’ll have to find another way to stop this habit.

2 comments to Ginger-Longkang….yes, again!

  • Lili

    Is he ok with wearing collar with a bell? So you can hear him if he’s nearby šŸ˜‰

    • chankahyein

      What an excellent idea, thank you, Lili! One worry, though, what if it gets entangled somewhere… Maybe get the detachable ones.