Smurfy’s eating problem…still work in progress

So, Smurfy started becoming very skittish two days ago and is now having problems with his meals. He is simply too scared to eat.

It is so strange because he was absolutely okay eating with everyone before this.

Anyway, we’ll never know why, so let’s deal with the NOW.

Everybody already knows the meal-time drill now. And they actually comply. First I will go in and isolate Robin in the bigger bedroom. Then, the rest would be in the other bedroom. Next, Robin gets his probiotic (only in the mornings) and is served his bowl of food which he devours with fervour. By the way, one sachet of the powdered probiotic fills one capsule, but it is too big for Robin so I divide it into two smaller capsules. Two plops into his throat  – thank goodness he can be pilled.

Then, I go into the other bedroom and serve the other four. Now, Smurfy would come excitedly with Rey, Lynx and Minnie, but when served, he would be too scared to eat. Nobody is bullying or targeting him. Everyone is busy eating. And yet he is scared.

I followed his cue. He went up this platform so I served him there. He ate a little bit, then husband opened the other bedroom door (not this bedroom but the other one), he heard the noise and that scared him and he ran to hide behind the tv.

So I served him there but I kept my distance. I peeped and he was eating. Yay! But after awhile, there was some other noise and he stopped eating again. By then, I had to go over to clean all the litter boxes so I left him there.

Much later when I checked, the bowl was empty but I think Lynx could have sneaked there to eat it up.

Here’s Robin!

He does look a bit filled-up now, doesn’t he? Look at those adorable eyes….