Ginger-Longkang wears two bells now

Many thanks to a suggestion by a reader, Ginger now wears a collar with two bells on it.

I bought a detachable collar which already had a bell and added another bigger bell in it. This is the first time any of our cats is wearing a collar because I’ve always been paranoid about issues of entanglement.

The funny thing is, he didn’t mind it at all.

However, there’s still a problem. Husband’s hearing isn’t that good and he might not hear the bells when Ginger approaches. The next problem is, if Ginger does a stealth operation, which he often does, you won’t hear the bells at all.

But anyway, it’s better than having no bells at all.

An update: It’s confirmed. Husband says he cannot hear the bells. Okay, I can, though. So that still doesn’t solve the escape problem.



Ginger, mau pergi mana?  

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