Minnie-5 – get ready for a car ride today!

I made an appointment yesterday for everyone’s vaccination. Since Robin has already stopped having diarrhoea and everyone is eating well, I thought we might as well get it done on a weekend where I would have help. That’s five carriers in the car.

Unfortunately, Robin started having liquid stools again this morning. Sigh…what happened, Robin? But never mind, even if he cannot be vaccinated, I’ll still take him for a check-up and to get weighed on the clinic scale.

My raw-feeding friend taught me that biologically cats hunt at night. So cats tend to be more hungry at night. Oh boy…this is one fact I did not know, after having cats for 16 years!! So he feeds his cats a moderate breakfast (then he goes off to work), again a moderate dinner, and a HUGE supper at midnight.

But I sleep early because I rise early and am usually totally exhausted after dinner. So I don’t plod through the night until midnight.

Anyway, last night, I tried it. I gave Minnie-5 a supper of rehydrated Primal which they absolutely loved. I didn’t give too much, though. Even Smurfy came to eat. Yes, Smurfy likes dehydrated chicken treats (from Cubgrub) and now I know he likes Primal. Good, still keeping everything 100% raw.

Looking back, I brought the boys up on 100% raw and if I had had the opportunity to adopt them then, they would have remained on a 100% raw diet all the way. Giving them up for adoption was the saddest thing I had ever had to do, but that’s in the past now. 1.5 years on kibble and canned food, now back to 100% raw.

So, everyone had a moderate supper last night, at about 8pm. They weren’t expecting any food when I came into the room, so they were pleasantly surprised too.

This much I can tell you, Minnie-5 (all of them) are incredibly smart. They learn patterns very, very fast. Robin already knows he has to be confined for meals while the rest know they have to go into the other room. Why, they are as smart as dogs, aren’t they?

Hey, who says dogs are smarter than cats???

Well no, what I mean is, dogs are more obedient and people-pleasing compared with cats who’ll just do whatever they want.

Back to breakfast this morning….

Would you believe it? Nobody was really THAT hungry.

Huh? What happened to all of you?

Was the Primal supper so filling last night?

Robin didn’t finish his breakfast. Lynx didn’t even eat. Minnie ate. Smurfy ate behind the tv. Rey, well….of course Rey ate. Rey ate a lot.

But Robin did not finish his breakfast? Now, that’s a first. And Lynx did not even eat? He went around sniffing everyone’s bowl and decided, “Oh well, who needs food?”

Well, okay then. It’s not too bad since everyone had supper last night.

But after eating, Robin squatted and passed out liquid stools. Sigh…I don’t know what happened but I think his chronic diarrhoea still needs some work. This also means he cannot be vaccinated today.

And since two days ago, Rey started squinting in his right eye. I’ve been applying eyedrops, but it’s still there.

So, I’ll still take everyone to the vet’s today.

I can never get all five in one photo!