Robin hits 4.08kg!!!!!! (everyone to the vet’s)

Believe it or not! Robin has gained weight significantly!!

Today’s vet visit:

I had to borrow a carrier from my friend for this “operation”. All carriers were Feliway-ed before we loaded the cats in.

Throughout the car trip, one cat was yowling and Rey urinated in his carrier. Poor thing.

Here’s today’s report:


Weight: 5.78kg (an increase of 140g) – overweight!! Needs to lose some weight!
Tongue ulcer still there – to apply AftaMed, twice a day.
Vaccinated. Booster in 3-4 weeks’ time.


Weight: 4.2kg (an increase of 200g) – To maintain weight.
Tongue ulcer still there – to apply AftaMed, twice a day.
Vaccinated. Booster in 3-4 weeks’ time.


Weight: 5.1kg (lost 300g) – most likely due to suddenly becoming so skittish in the past few days. But vet says his weight is alright.
Vaccinated. Booster in 3-4 weeks’ time.
Just have to figure out how to make him eat now, he’s too skittish.


Weight: 5.6kg (increase of 100g) – overweight! To lose some weight.
Rey still has the flu, which is probably related to the eye infection – given Metacam anti-inflammatory injection, to start on Doxy (8 days), Cetirizine (an anti-histamine) and Bromhexine (a mucolytic) – to arrest the flu so that it won’t spread to the rest.
Ear infection – has improved, to apply Pyo Clean just once a week.
Continue with Malaseb bath.
Not vaccinated until the flu heals.



Weight: 4.08kg!! (an increase of 680g!!) – he can go up to 4.2kg for his size.
Fecal check – nothing significant about Robin’s recurrent diarrhoea. Vet says he must have got it at his last home and it must have been there for quite long, hence, malnourished and so thin. Continue with the probiotics. The sudden recurrent diarrhoea this morning could have been due to allergy to duck or beef in yesterday’s new food.
Robin was given a B12 injection to help with the diarrhoea.
Not vaccinated until the diarrhoea clears up.
To monitor in case he is allergic to any particular protein (maybe duck or beef).

The vet said we could try RC’s GastroIntestinal pouch (wet food) for Robin. Update: Robin refused to eat it! And nobody else wanted it either. Oh well…

Came home and guess who ate again? Yes, Rey and Lynx. Hello, you two!! Cukup!!

Robin did not like the RC GastroIntestinal pouch food at all. He totally ignored it. Lynx tried a bit and decided, no, he didn’t like it either. Oh boy…how bad is it that EVEN Lynx didn’t want it?

We did it, Robin! Your weight has increased!!



Now, the only issues are:
(1) Robin’s lingering diarrhoea, but it isn’t so serious.
(2) Getting Smurfy to eat!!!  How to make him less frightened?

But I’m glad there are no serious issues to address. Phew!! Everything’s as good as it can be.

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