A bell for Minnie and Smurfy regaining confidence!

Minnie and Smurfy look quite alike. They are of the same shade of grey and the only difference is in their size and Minnie’s ear-notch.

So since Ginger took to his double-bell collar so well, I thought I’d try putting on a collar for Minnie too.

No struggle at all, no attempts to get it off, either. I’m shocked.  Haha.

Meanwhile, Smurfy is regaining his confidence. I saw him trying to pick a fight with Lynx.

Here’s Smurfy rolling on his back. Confidence returning!!

Meanwhile, both our catios are finally ready, after 4 days of work!! Both are fully netted up now. Ginger’s Catio would need more work later, some additions for Minnie-5 to play on. But as of now, it’s supposed to be Minnie-proof. But we still have to wait for Bella’s birdy to leave the nest. One birdy has already left. There’s only one more left now. At this very minute, Bella has spread her wings to cover the nest, protecting the little one from the night air.