The refurbished Bunny’s Place (catio-ed) and Ginger’s Catio

Bunny’s Place is now all catio-ed up to make it Minnie-proof and also there’s more shade from the rain now.

I’ve always wanted to get this done but never quite got down to it. I’m so glad it’s done now. I feel so much safer too.

It’s still not 100% completed yet. I plan to prepare another sandpit for Cow, Cleo and Indy, under the shade.

Bunny “discovered” Indy’s condo tonight, so Indy is sleeping in the penthouse! Our cats love cardboard – it keeps them warm. Bunny’s spot (now) used to be Indy’s favourite, but Indy is very kind. He always gives in to Bunny.

Half of Bunny’s Garden is in shade now. The plastic roof allows sunshine through but keeps out the rain. I’ve wanted to get this done for so long! The plastic roof also makes the garden slightly warmer, which is perfect for cats. Cats love warmth.

My concern is this corner. I hope it’s Minnie-proof. Minnie will surely come over to Bunny’s Place. This 2×6 anti-climb was chosen to allow Bella Bird to fly in and out to and from her nest. She’s able to do it with no problems at all. The contractors have been keeping an eye out, giving me a full report about Bella every day – it’s very kind of them.

Minnie escaped from here two years ago. It’s at this very spot. Now it’s all netted up. Maybe you cannot see it as it’s dark now, but it’s all tightly netted up.

For those who might be wondering why I don’t allow Minnie to be a CNRM-cat, it is because I live in an animal-unfriendly neighbourhood. The presence of a free-roaming cat or dog, the detection of dog poo at the roadside, will send whatsapp messages flying to and fro in the neighbourhood chatgroups. Complaints, complaints, complaints! And there will be threats to call the council or to catch all free-roaming animals and send them to shelters. Yes, this neighbourhood belongs only to humans. Sad, and I live here. So I totally understand when applicants say they have similar problems. All I can say is, I’m sorry, but it looks like your neighbourhood isn’t suitable for CNRM, please do something to ensure your neutered animals are safe. Adopt or rehome. That is why we still help with our neutering aid if the animal is adopted or rehomed after the neutering is done.

Being a lone voice here for more than 10 years now, I totally understand that it’s extremely difficult to change mindsets. Being a lone but persistent voice also makes you unpopular. That’s a price to pay but it’s a small price as far as I’m concerned.

The reality is this: Animal lovers (especially street-animal lovers) will always be a minority in most communities. Well, unless it’s in Turkey, right? Or certain part of The Netherlands? Or Thailand?

Cleo checking out her new kingdom.But make no mistake, she may be queen, but it’s still officially called “Bunny’s Place”.

Everyone still has the option of coming into the room whenever they like. Again, it’s called “Bunny’s Room”.

Now, the next challenge is Ginger. So far, Ginger appears to be scared of Minnie’s boys. Uncle Ginger used to be their mentor. They loved him and he loved them. Smurfy was his best friend. I have since let Ginger into the two-bedroom quarantine apartment upstairs twice. The first visit was okay. But in the second, Ginger ran out, so scared.

And I was initially worried that Ginger might bully them? I think it’s the other way around now.

Ginger, can you be “Uncle Ginger” to the boys again?

It’s too dark to see all the netting, but the entire patio has been netted up now. I might get a lookout constructed later. The important thing is that with the plastic roof, there’s shade from the rain and it’s much warmer since the plastic roof would trap the daytime heat.

It’s going to be another adventure, getting the five of them to acclimatise to Ginger’s Catio! Right now, they are so comfortable upstairs.

We might need to replace our brand new fiberglass mosquito netting too. The boys would surely tear it down. Let’s see how it goes. Bella Bird and Birdy Bird have to leave the nest first.