Updates from Survivor Shelter

Here are some updates from Ms Ong, after our food aid to Survivor Shelter last week.

We sent salmon, lamb and beef and according to Ah Win, the staff who takes care of all the 50 dogs, the dogs love beef the most, followed by lamb. They did not care much for the salmon but Ms Ong will buy some canned food to add on so that her dogs will eat it.

Their favourite! Unfortunately, this brand is being discontinued.

Please do not be alarmed that this dog looks very thin. He is. And it’s because he has liver issues. According to Ms Ong, she rescued this litter as newborns and took them back to her shelter to nurse them. This puppy already had problems right from the start. There was once his heart stopped and Ms Ong resuscitated him. Ms Ong has taken him to many vets over the years to try to find out what is wrong. It’s liver issues. The dog is 7 years old now. He is very choosy over food and will only eat canned food and refuse to touch kibble.

Ms Ong said now, the dog loves the Vitalplus Lamb kibble that we donated. He eats it all up heartily.

We are glad he likes the food.

Ms Ong remains very grateful for the food aid. We thank all donors for making this possible!