Ginger visits Bunny’s Place

It’s been almost 11 years now and Ginger still has not made friends with Cow, Bunny and Indy.

In the early days, Cow, Bunny and Indy used to beat Ginger up if they ever met.

But with age, the tides turned and in recent months, Ginger won all the fights with aging Indy. And poor Indy ended up having to go to the vet’s for treatment. Ginger? Not a scratch.

Now, Cow might be old (he is, actually, he is 16 years old) and is very much mellowed down now compared to his hey day when even we could not touch him for more than 3 seconds (he had petting aggression), but Cow can still fight if he chooses to.

Bunny doesn’t fight anymore these days, but Bunny is blind so if he bumps into anyone, Bunny’s first instinct is to hiss and possibly attack the “intruder” whom he had bumped into. If it is Indy, he understands and just ignores it, but if it is anyone else, they will fight back.

So, will Ginger fight back?

Anyway, now that we have netted up the whole place, there is easy access from Ginger’s Catio to Bunny’s Place via Stargate.

This morning, we opened Stargate and Ginger walked into Bunny’s Place. He sniffed around and went into Bunny’s Room too.

I really don’t know what Indy’s postures mean. But I was all prepared to stop a fight, if it happens.

Cleo decided to play it safe and jumped up on the bed to sit with me.

That headbutt is mighty magnanimous of Cow, but I was all prepared to scoop Ginger up should a fight happen.

Still ongoing…

I wanted to let Ginger eat lunch with the rest and I offered him a bowl which he declined.

Cow has been coming out to Ginger’s Catio a lot. No issues so far.

We were thinking that if only Ginger can be friends with Cow, Bunny and Indy, he could actually live with them in Bunny’s Place. This is especially since he has shown that he is afraid of Minnie’s boys.

Ginger used to love the boys so much during the six months that they were with us, but ever since they went away and came back, we have let him into the room to meet the boys twice. The first time, Ginger was wary but okay. The second time, Ginger fled for his life, out of the room. The boys didn’t even do anything to him.

But whenever I feed Minnie and the boys, Ginger does come upstairs (How do I know? His bells!) and mooch around. I’m hoping that he will get used to their scent and identify them as “friendly”.

I know the relationship dynamics would have changed now that the boys are all adults. Even if the boys hadn’t gone away, there’s no telling if the relationship dynamics would have stayed or changed.

We shall see….hopefully next week, if Birdy flies the nest.