Catio updates

The “vision” is for Ginger to live with Minnie-5, but it’s all dependent on Ginger, of course. It would be his decision.

Ginger makes his insistence on going out. After all, it’s HIS patio/catio, right? This morning there was much less hissing on Ginger’s part.

Ginger goes in and out, of course. But I’ve removed his freedom to open the fiberglass mosquito netting for now because that would be total chaos (for now). Rey, Robin and Lynx want to come into the house and we cannot let them happen yet because with Ginger (who sprays), there’s bound to be a territorial problem especially when Ginger is still not friendly to them yet. And Tabs might be terrified again, especially now when they are not friends yet.

There was an incident way back when Ginger was looking after the kittens in the patio. It rained, so Ginger led everyone into the kitchen from the patio. This involved jumping up to the window sill in order to come in through the window. Ginger managed it and everyone was in the kitchen when we found them!

Now, the brothers are all very adept at opening the fiberglass netting. They already did it upstairs, and they also did it here at the patio folding doors. So we will have to reinstall stainless netting.

The thing is, they did not tear the netting. They merely opened it. Clever, eh?

“What do you take us for? Uncivilised savages?” 

This morning’s breakfast. I wanted to feed Ginger together with them, but he insisted on dining alone, inside the house.

Tabs is okay so far. She dines in the kitchen.