Neutering aid for 3 dogs in Balakong (Tong Yut Fun’s) & Updates

We have provided an aid of RM450 for the neutering of these 3 dogs. There is an additional aid of RM300 from Ms Jasmine Ee to further support Ms Tong and Mr Wong’s efforts at helping this colony of dogs. We thank Ms Jasmine Ee very much for her kindness.

Ms Tong works with Mr Wong Woi Kan in their CNRM efforts. Please scroll to read Ms Tong’s account on their work at helping these street dogs. This is actually who we prioritise for when offering our neutering aid – it is for the street animals who have no home.  When claims are low, we do help those who adopt to keep in their own homes as well, but our priority is always for street animals, cared for by honest caregivers who have the animals’ best interests at heart.

Actually me and another feeder uncle, Uncle Wong (whom you can see the person holding the dogs when I took the photos) whom has been feeding and catching the female dogs together for the past few years would like to catch stray dogs in this industrial site (both of us work in this area) and we got to know each other during MCO when we feed the stray dogs. We would like to neuter as many as we can catch as the we realized by feeding the stray dogs does not help in controlling the population. It saddened us when we saw puppies died on the road or cannot survive the harsh condition in this factory area. And yes, these dogs are all located at the same place. This industrial area span from <info kept confidential> to <info confidential> and we took turns alternately to feed them as both of us have full time job. When I knew about your aid, I discussed with Uncle Wong that we should try our very best to catch and neuter the female dogs here and we can start from sending those whom are friendly and easy to catch.

We really hope that to be able to send as many stray dogs as we can as its very sad to see so many puppies around and dogs roaming around and sometimes the authorities will come to catch them when there are people reporting on these stray dogs. Sometimes we also saw adult dogs being hit by car and died at the roadside. We usually went catching during weekend evening during feeding time as its lesser cars and lorries. With 2 person will definitely make the catching job easier especially when we need to load the cage with the dog inside into our car. Thank you for your understanding.
Uncle seen the authorities came a few times and he followed them on his bike in case any dogs being caught, he will speak to the officers and appeal for their compassion as the dogs are looked after by us. My company security guards told me the authorities will usually come during night time as that time the dogs usually sleeps on the roadside, lesser car and this will make their catching easier. Sometimes we really lost count which dog have been caught as there are too many of them. When we did not see the dogs after a week or so, we assume the dogs either died due to sickness or caught by the authorities. The people whom reported are usually people whom work in this area as the dogs will chase them on their bike.
That is the reason why we will try our best to catch and send the stray female dogs for spaying by trying to find funds and AnimalCare’s Neutering Aid is our last resort.
I am very thankful to your earlier aid and hope explanation above will be able to give you a clearer picture on our situation.
I hereby attached a few photos of the dogs that we have been feeding in this area.
We will try to speak to the factory owner, their supervisors, their factory managers and even the guards to explain to them what we are doing and how this will bring down the population in a long term.
Some people are just hard headed and replied that these dogs does not belongs to them as these strays are sleeping in front of their factory entrance at night. We can do what we want with these dogs. Some of them said that they need these strays to guard their entrance and having the dogs sleep at their gate will scare away robbers or burglars. They need these dogs to continue giving birth to puppies so that when the older dogs died, there will be the puppies whom continue on the work. Some of them does not believe in spaying and its just natural for dogs to keep reproduce and even asked us not to worry too much as there are big snake whom will feed on the puppies (sad to hear this). There were also a few factory owners whom will ask their lorry drivers to bring the female puppies and throw them at other places far away when there is any female mama gave birth to puppies inside their factory. They only want male puppies inside their factory, but they do not even feed the dogs as these dogs will come out and eat the food that we feed them and they will go back inside the factory to sleep at night.
Some of the good factory owner will donate some money to us like RM100 or one or two bags of kibbles (but there is not a lot of them whom will donate to us).

The are also many incidents where we found puppies being dumped at the places where we feed the dogs as maybe they knew there were feeders in this area. We have no choice but to take the puppies and put them inside a current vacant factory land so that we can feed them and at least these puppies does not roam out to the road risked being run over by lorries. We will wait till these puppies until they are at least 5 mths and above before we send them for spaying.

We are paying RM280 per dog (for spaying & 4 days of boarding).
We also do cover some dogs medical expenses whom are injured (hit by car and need amputation, slash by parang on the neck, attacked by other dogs and many others) or sick (TVT, heart problem and etc) to vet and the latest one was a female dog whom have liver problem and now she still in the vet. 

Previously-claimed dogs:

Both are fine. 


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