Neutering aid for 1 dog in Ipoh (Wong So Yuen’s)

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM140 for the spaying of this dog.

Ms Wong So Yuen is a new applicant. It is heartening to know that Ms Wong is following government regulations that allow a maximum of 3 dogs in their vicinity and she is getting licenses for them too.

My name is Yuen and currently I’m a feeder for 3 stray dogs at my factory here which they currently shelter at my factory too. I thought of spaying 3 of them which is the mother and her 2 daughters as my factory nearby got many strays dog too and I worried they will get pregnant anytime. But the cost of spaying 3 of them is too burden for me therefore I would like to seek some aid from you. Please let me know how can I apply for this aid.

The mother and puppies will be staying at my workplace which is a factory. As local government rules and regulations, factory maximum can keep 3 dogs only and we already in the midst of applying local government license for them too. Worry not, me and my colleagues will be taking care of them.

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