Visiting the “Forbidden City” and eating news

Minnie-5 and Ginger LOVE visiting Bunny’s Place.

Now they get many visits a day.

They come in mainly for the serai and Heidi’s grass (I still haven’t found out the name of this weed, but all the cats love it). Heidi discovered it at the park during her trips there, we brought some back to plant.

Does anyone know the name of this plant, please?

We grew it at the patio for Heidi and it was thriving, until Cow and Bunny came to spray urine on it….sigh.  Now we only have these patches in Bunny’s Place (growing from the pebbles). I’ve scoured the whole park, it doesn’t have this plant anymore. It is “just” a weed, but it’s a precious weed. It is safe for the cats and they all love it. They even love it more than wheatgrass.

A conference? What are we going to do with the invaders? They seem to come in every day.

Tabs didn’t join in the tour.

Nowadays, Minnie-5 doesn’t eat as much as before. It’s been a month that they have been home. I guess one whole month of “eating like crazy” has been enough to compensate!

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