Minnie-5’s meals

Minnie-5 only eats twice a day, unlike our seniors who eat three times a day because they cannot eat too much at one go.

When Minnie-5 first came back, they ate a huge amount at every meal. Now, after a month, the quantity has reduced to a third (yes, one-third) of what they used to eat when they first returned home.

This was this morning’s breakfast. It’s good that Ginger eats with them now. Previously, when Ginger ate in the kitchen with Tabs, he would be very, very choosy (the exact word to describe his attitude would be “jual mahal”). I had so many problems just getting him to eat. But now that he is eating with Minnie-5, it’s a case of “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

Two days ago, Robin decided to skip a meal. I went into panic mode. Rey also skipped a meal many days ago, and I did give him Mirtazapine. It worked within hours.

So when Robin skipped a meal, I gave him Mirtazapine too, but it did not work as quickly as it did in Rey. I was about to take him to the vet when he started eating again the next day. Phew! Robin is the one who needs to gain weight. The rest are fine.

So whenever Robin is interested to eat more food, he gets it!

Lynx, on the other hand, is supposed to lose some weight, but well… My raw-feeding friend says when on raw food, just let them eat. The chances of obesity shouldn’t be very high, unlike being on kibble which has carbohydrates.

Smurfy has been trying so hard to rekindle his mentor-mentee relationship with Uncle Ginger. Unfortunately, Ginger is still playing hard-to-get. Smurfy hasn’t given up and will always make the initiative to approach Ginger with a friendly nudge. Ginger responds with a hiss. Sigh… We need time.

Robin, Lynx and Rey always come around whenever I come out to the catio.

Everyone is happy!