Rescued cat for adoption (Leong Chee San’s) – Adopted!

Updates: Adopted!!

The original post:

If you would like to adopt this cat, please contact Ms Leong Chee San directly at <removed> or email <removed>. Thank you. Kindly help to forward too.

Location: Klang Valley

I found this cat five days ago. He came to my door to ask for food. To me, he looks like an abandoned pet. I took him to see a vet for a check-up and the vet found that he has a mild fungal problem. The vet says he is about 1 year old. He has been dewormed (Drontal) and I am now giving him the fungal medicine (Itraconazole Noripharma) as well as Malaseb shampoo baths. According to the vet, the fungal problem is not serious. He has also been Frontlined. I cannot adopt him because I already have two cats. I would like to find a loving home for him. Thank you.