The invasion!!!

It was a matter of time….

And it happened in the middle of the night.

It was a stealth operation. Complete silence.

They went all over the house, exploring, while we slept…and we were sleeping downstairs too, on Jayden’s mattress. I thought I heard an unfamiliar sound, but I was too dead tired to wake up to check. And it was only around dawn that I finally woke up and spotted Robin’s tail near the mattress. Then, Rey’s tail. And then Smurfy. Everyone was around the mattress; too polite to come up.

What? We are cats. We are civilised. What do you take us for? Animals??

Er…you are actually…well, never mind.

They came in (I refrain from using the term “broke in” here) by opening the netting at the kitchen window. I suspect Ginger opened it for them, as he did two years ago, when they were kittens and it was raining. Ginger opened the kitchen window and led everyone into the kitchen.

I do wonder what happened to Tabs during the invasion. But once I woke up, Tabs quickly asked to go into Bunny’s Place. Yes, she was quite desperate. Poor Tabs must have been frightened out of her wits. There’s an invasion!! Help!! Help!! The tabbies have invaded us!! She must have “shouted” and we did not hear her. Er, Tabs, you are actually a tabby too, aren’t you?

The good thing about Minnie-5, being grey tabbies (well, with the exception of Lynx and technically, Smurfy and Minnie are grey), is that they are not aggressive. They don’t fight. They just want to be friends with everyone. They are really the most easy-going cat species: friendly, mild personality, not aggressive at all and actually, quite obedient.

Black: affectionate, very human-friendly.

Black-and-white: a little insane at times, takes about 10+ years to mellow (’cause they don’t know if they are black or white?).

Calico: descendants of Cleopatra.

Ginger: mild-mannered, I think? Very vocal.

Grey: affectionate, calm, very intelligent.

Tabbies: friendly, mild personality, not aggressive, obedient, easy-going, wonderful companions.

Bunny-coloured: one of a kind!

Actually, Bunny is a tabby! A cat-expert once told me, as long as there is even one stripe, that’s a “tabby”.

All said, I quote: “You can’t judge a cat by its color. If someone comes in to adopt, we encourage them to spend time with all the cats, because it’s the personality of that cat – not the color – that will let you know if the animal’s the right fit for you.” Unquote.

And…I must add too, a cat’s behaviour can change when the environment is different.

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