Vaccinations for Minnie-5

Minnie, Smurfy, Lynx and Rey were due for their second vaccination today while Rey is fit for his first.  Rey’s was delayed because he had a few medical issues.

Since it’s carting all five of them to the clinic (which was very stressful the last time), I decided to request for a housecall.

So, about half an hour before the vet was due to arrive, I tried to trick everyone into the condo…with Primal nuggets. It worked for all four except Minnie.

All four went in. Minnie said, “No thanks, I’ll pass.”

So, very calmly, I waited a bit and then invited Minnie into Ginger’s cage. How about a private dining experience for you? In Ginger’s residence?

Minnie obliged and…

Sorry, Minnie. I have to do this. Sorry!

Because if I did not “trap” them, it would have been impossible for me to catch them when the vet (and her assistant) arrived. In the presence of strangers, Minnie-5 would go totally and completely berserk. And Minnie and Smurfy would jump up to the top of the condo, which means I’ll have to go up on a ladder to catch them, and that would be quite impossible. And it would be total chaos. Maybe, just maybe I could catch Robin, Rey and Lynx, but Minnie and Smurfy? No way. I already know this. So the pre-trapping was necessary.

Well, it was still rather chaotic when the vet and her assistant arrived and we had to bring in the cats, one by one. And it is all because they were so frightened. Meanwhile amidst all the chaos, Ginger was the perfect host. He even wanted to “help”. Tabs had completely disappeared. Cow came to see what was going on. Bunny and Indy were asleep. Cleo, I’m not sure. She was somewhere, probably under her bed, doing some calculations on how to protect herself and escape, if need be.

So, Minnie-5 had their vaccinations and were dewormed. Everybody’s weight was okay. More or less maintained with a very insignificant drop which is probably due to all the exercise they have been getting running up and down, climbing Stargate2, which is all good. They are also on raw food, so the chances of being overweight is quite slim. Only Smurfy lost weight again. His weight loss is quite significant, but physically, he still seems fine.

Here’s everyone’s weight:

Minnie: 4.0kg
Smurfy: 4.6kg
Rey: 5.6kg
Lynx: 5.5kg
Robin: 4.03kg

Even though Rey is heavier than Lynx, Rey is not overweight. Lynx is. That’s from the body conformation. So sometimes it isn’t about the numbers. Lynx needs to lose some weight. I thought Robin would be heavier, but he still isn’t. The vet said Robin is not underweight. So, that’s okay.

I’ll monitor Smurfy’s weight using our own scale and see if there is anymore weight loss over the next few weeks. The rest of them are all okay. But Smurfy was extremely skittish and terrified today. So terrified that while everyone had their vaccinations on the dining table, Smurfy’s had to be done inside the condo but to weigh him, we had to take him out. Smurfy was so stressed that he secreted anal gland liquid, which is a very smelly liquid (like what skunks do). I’ve never had a cat do this before. This is totally new to me.

After the vet and her assistant left, Rey was hanging around in the catio.

Minnie, Smurfy, Lynx and Robin were konked out in the condo.

I think Smurfy has temporary PTSD now. He is such a scaredy cat. Sigh…more scaredy than Tabs. But with us, he is actually fine. He comes round to us with his brothers.

The other day, when Jia-Wen came to visit, Smurfy straight away went to protect Minnie. He stood in front of Minnie and fluffed up. Good boy, Smurfy, good boy!

I’m so glad I did not rehome them to different homes. Otherwise, I would not have been able to reunite them again nor would they have come back now.

Life works in mysterious and unexpected ways. I’m not going to use the cliche that “everything happens for a reason”. I don’t believe in that anymore. Some things happen for NO reason. Or rather, we don’t live long enough to see the reason. And why bother with the reason? It’s already happened. Wouldn’t solving it be wiser?

Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. Wait for the Law of Karma to take place? Er…I don’t think so.

So nowadays, I just go by the fact that life just happens and we can only do our best and leave the rest. Will it all come right some day or night? Don’t know.

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