Smurfy is an empath

Well, not just Smurfy, but all cats are empaths. Most likely dogs too.

For all you know, all animals are empaths. Only we humans are….pretty dumb.

Ever since the vaccination day when Smurfy weighed (only) 4.6kg, I was worried about the weight loss and vowed to do something about it, if only just to maintain it and not let it go down any further. Physically, Smurfy is not underweight, but he has lost weight, so any further weight loss would warrant investigation.

My worry must have instantly been sensed by Smurfy because after his temporary PTSD, by dinner on that same evening, Smurfy, for the very first time, jumped up to the top of Ginger’s cage where I prepare the food before serving to get “first dibs” at the food. This “first dibs” has always been Robin’s privilege (again, why? – Well, because I was worried about Robin being malnourished when he first returned and of course Robin sensed that too. But Robin is at a stable and good weight now.)

Smurfy getting first dibs for breakfast this morning.

While everyone else ate “down there”. Robin also did not wrestle back his “first dibs” privileged position from Smurfy. How cool is that?

Cats are empaths. There is NO doubt about that, absolutely.

First dibs again at dinner time today. Stay on here at first dibs, Smurfy…at least for a few weeks.

Robin and Smurfy gets extra helpings, as much as they can eat, at every meal.

Lynx is also an empath. Ever since the vet said he has to lose some weight, he started eating less. I did not have to control him.