Home-cooked food for our 4 seniors

A long chat with a friend today made me recall the days when I used to home cook for Bobby and the cats.

Our cats were also on home-cooked food for some time, then I switched them to the raw diet and I did not have confidence to make our own BARF. So we bought the cat BARF.

Now that our seniors cannot seem to eat a 100% raw diet anymore, particularly Bunny (his own preference) and Indy (with his perpetual GI issues), I had been giving them all sorts of canned food.

Why didn’t I think of home cooking again, right? It took a chat today to remind me that I used to home cook for the cats.

So I dug out my recipe, and after confirming the ingredients and proportions with my dear friend, Lin Li (of Cubgrub), I decided to make a batch tonight (since Jayden had already slept). I didn’t have all the ingredients, but I would just make do with whatever I have in the fridge. At the same time, I had already gone to iherb.com to order the supplements/ingredients.

Here it is!

Note: I did not have all the ingredients, but I’ve already ordered and tomorrow, I’m going to shop for some of them. As it was being cooked, the aroma permeated through the kitchen to Bunny’s Place and Bunny was already waiting for it.

Ginger could not wait at all. I jumped up onto the kitchen table and started eating.

Cow was already asleep, so I served him in his box.

Bunny and Cleo ate too! They are now the fussiest eaters.

Indy is also very fussy, but he too ate! A few helpings, too.

Tabs was the last to know that there was home-cooked food!

Actually, Ginger and Tabs are still on a 100% raw diet. But a little treat won’t hurt.

So it looks like I will be home cooking (again) for our four seniors now.  I’ve tried very hard to switch them back to 100% raw but they have decided that they prefer to have cooked food. Cats know best.

As a friend said, for seniors, “fed is best” – as long as they can still eat, it’s already really good!

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