Another invasion!!

It’s been very chaotic since yesterday.

We are having our exterior walls painted and this includes the catio and Bunny’s Place too. I had initially wanted some parts of the walls to be tiled up (for the long term) but the contractor advised against it because of the massive hacking and dust problem. So it would just be a new coat of paint.

Having the catio and Bunny’s Place painted would mean having to cart Minnie-5 upstairs to the quarantine two-bedroom suite again, and Bunny & gang would have to spend the day in Bunny’s Room (which is a much easier task, of course).

Carting Minnie-5 up first involves catching them one by one. Catching Lynx, Robin and Rey is classified as “manageable” while catching Smurfy and Minnie is a near-impossible task. But we managed to do it yesterday by tricking everyone with a Primal snack. Minnie was the hardest because she did not fall for the snack at all. Instead, she went up to her lookout and sat there, enjoying the view and watching the contractors at work in the garden.

So while her boys were already upstairs, Minnie remained at her lookout, with no intention of being unceremoniously caught by any human.

It took at least half an hour before Minnie decided to compromise and came down from the lookout and sat at one of the lower platforms with the message “well, catch me IF you can”.

It took a lot of effort, but I managed to. So all five were quarantined upstairs, very comfortably, with both fans on for them and an additional Cubgrub dehydrated chicken treat.

By the time the contractors finished work yesterday, I was way too tired to cart them down one by one, so I just made sure the catio was clean, then I went upstairs to open the door.


Everyone came downstairs and invaded the house.

Rey, Lynx and Robin came to see Jayden and wanted to be friends.

But Ginger quickly came and sat with Jayden – “Not without going through my vetting process first!!”

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