Ginger, the baby-sitter and baby-rescuer!

It’s confirmed!

Ginger is a baby-sitter and a baby-rescuer! And Jayden’s best friend.

Early this morning, I was busy with the cats. By the time I had finished my cat-chores, I saw Jayden having already awoken. He was sitting up and was about to cry (only when he caught a glimpse of me, otherwise, he would have been totally fine, playing by himself). Just as he was about to cry, out of nowhere, came our superhero of the day, GINGER!

Ginger darted straight towards Jayden and sat himself in front of Jayden. That stopped Jayden from his plans to start wailing.
At other times too, whenever Jayden is about to get into trouble, like having his leg stuck somewhere, Ginger would appear out of nowhere, to be by his friend’s side.

Ginger, you are my best friend!!

My vet’s cat even know how to go upstairs to alert the adults when the baby is crying.

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