You do not want to mess with Cow Mau…or Indy

This is a story about Cow Mau and it stretches over the past one week.

Now that Stargate is open so that Minnie and her boys can go over to Bunny’s Place to eat serai and Heidi’s grass, the four boys do go over very frequently. Cow Mau has been very, very neighbourly, allowing the boys to eat grass to their hearts’ delight. Indy watches them, but has also been obliging. Only Bunny (if not asleep) but come out to make his presence felt. Cleo did scream at them earlier on, but hasn’t done so lately.

Given Cow Mau and Bunny’s past history, if it had been ten years ago, the boys would have ended up at the vet’s for multiple bite/fight injuries. And I might have needed tetanus shots too.

But Cow Mau has mellowed with time.

Now, since the gate is open, Cow Mau also takes the liberty of crossing over to visit the catio (which is officially the home of the Ginger but is now shared with Minnie and her boys).

One time a few weeks ago, Cow Mau came over and he was slowly surrounded by the boys. We saw that and quickly diffused the situation. This, however, did not deter Cow from still coming over (after all, what is Cow afraid of? Nothing).

The other day last week, Cow did come over and the boys decided to surround him again. Cow stayed very still. Very, very still. He did not move a muscle, at least not visible to our naked aged eye. Then, slowly, the boys backed away and dispersed. All of them.

It was….a legendary moment.

Cow did not even move or “say” anything. But his tail was fluffed up…a little. That is all. Later, as my husband approached Cow, he noticed that Cow was vibrating. Sending out vibes, vibes that probably said: You small fries…are you sure you want to do this?

And as you know, Rey has been crossing over to Bunny’s Place without Stargate being open. We don’t know how he does this but yesterday, I finally caught him red-handed in the act. Rey scales up Stargate. Yep, he actually climbs it and that IS a formidable task which I’d take my hat off to. He climbs up from his side and once he reaches the top, he jumps all the way down. That might be easily 7-8 feet high. But Rey can only do it one-way. He has nothing to hold onto to do the return trip, so he has to call me from the kitchen window sill to take him back to the catio. And once Rey gets over to Bunny’s Place, he spends all his time there and so far, there has been no mishaps, until….


Yesterday, I think Cow Mau decided to show him who is boss.

So, Cow Mau and Indy (it’s the Black-and-White Brotherhood, folks!!) surrounded Rey the moment he landed on his feet after his climb into Bunny’s Place. There was no sound at all from the two. Cow Mau and Indy just surrounded him and Rey was terrified. Luckily husband witnessed the whole incident, so he quickly came to the poor boy’s rescue and let Rey back into the catio.

16 years old, eh? Mellowed, eh?

No, you do not want to mess with Cow Mau. He still has it in him. What more, with Indy as his sidekick. Indy is still a little mad, especially on days before, on and after the full moon.

Another one who is really getting on Indy’s nerves if none other than his long-time rival and lifetime nemesis, Ginger. Ginger has been going into Bunny’s Place and REALLY annoying Indy.

Ginger, if you know what’s good for you….please don’t. But then again, Ginger has an advantage. Ginger has age on his side and a few winnings in the recent past where Indy actually ended up going to the vet’s for multiple injuries.

Hello, everyone. I can be nice…if I want to.

Nap time!

Ginger, why must you mess with Indy?

P.S. Ginger is no longer wearing his collar with the 2 bells because my husband says he absolutely cannot hear the bells. So, it defeats the purpose.