How Rey does the Stargate climb and jump (Spider-Rey)

Finally, caught in the act!

These two videos were taken last night and this morning. The descent was taken last night and the ascent this morning.

While Rey does it at the rate of 10-15 times a day, we have not been able to take a video of it until we made the effort to wait for it yesterday evening and this morning.

The ascent, at dawn this morning.

The descent, yesterday evening.

We placed the cat tree here to help him break the fall, but he doesn’t want to use it. And yes we are a little worried he might injure himself too. But so far, he does take his time to adjust his position until he is stable. I mean, yes, cats ARE smart. There’s no doubt about this.

After seeing how he does it, there IS one way to stop him from doing this, even though he loves the challenge so much. Open the window wide, so that he cannot jump from the window sill to the top of Stargate.

But Rey does this for two reasons. One, he loves the challenge. Even as a kitten, he has always loved challenges. He was always the first to climb up platforms and make jumps. Two, he uses it as a way to get into the house.

Rey wants to come into the house. So he “spiders” over to Bunny’s Place to eat grass first, then from there, he waits at the grille and asks to be let out into the house.

Clever, right? Maybe he wants to be a babysitter too?

At other times, he loves sleeping on the pebbles in the catio. It’s very cooling.

Rey officially joins the ranks of our Spider-Cats. We had Pole and Daffodil. And of course, Indy. Then, Minnie (by far the most skilful of all) and now, Rey. Rey has his mother’s athletic prowess.

Updates: The descent may not be good for Rey in the long run. It might affect his joints. So yes, we would have to do something about this, as much as Rey thrives on the challenge and loves showing off. We can stop him by just opening the window wide. He would not have a platform from which to jump up.