The fight on Merdeka Day

It happened at 5.45am this morning.

I was doing my work on the computer when suddenly I heard very loud cat war cries in Bunny’s Place. I was so sure it would have been Indy and Ginger at Stargate so I rushed in to check and stop them before they wake the neighbours up.

What I saw was actually Cleo and Rey (yes, he doesn’t learn, he keeps coming over) in fierce confrontation. The “fierce” part only applied to Cleo, of course. Rey was terrified. Too scared to even move.

I tried to break the fight up, but the moment Rey ran, Cleo gave chase and an extremely louder and fiercer confrontation happened. Rey ran around, chased by Cleo but he finally managed to take cover in the Blue House. Luckily the queen was benevolent enough to let Rey off and she did not pursue.

While this was all going on, Cow, Bunny and Indy just stood by to watch. Yes, cats normally do not interfere physically. They just watch. Whether they are giving telepathic moral support or not, we don’t know. Minnie, Smurfy and Ginger were very concerned (as shown on their faces) but all they could do was to watch from Stargate as they could not come over to help.

I had to carry the whole Blue House (with Rey inside) and take it back to Ginger’s Catio to release Rey.

Our new stainless steel netting on the window is supposed to be installed this week and once that is done, we “might” have a way of stopping Rey from climbing and jumping over to Bunny’s Place as we can then open the window wide so that Rey cannot use the window sill as a platform as a launching pad to jump up to the top of Stargate.

Do NOT mess with the queen. Just don’t.

I will check both of them for injuries later when it gets brighter. But I did not see any physical contact. It was just a lot of noise. VERY loud noise.

Luckily the pandemonium did not wake Jayden up. He slept through it all!

An update: Rey and Cleo are absolutely fine. No injuries at all. Rey bounced right back and jumped into Bunny’s Place again and again, and again. All day.