Ginger’s bloody urine (FIC again)

Not using swear words here. Ginger had blood-tinged urine today.

I first noticed a tiny bit of blood-tinged urine ball (very tiny) in Tabs’ litter box this morning. Very careless of me not to think much about it. I thought it might be some colouring and on hindsight, that’s really foolish. None of us was using any colouring of any sort. By afternoon, there was definitely blood-tinged urine and this time, Ginger specially showed me because he went in to use the litter box and stepped out.

So it was definitely Ginger. I immediately gave him a tablet of UTI-Oxi. And quickly texted the vet for advice.

Ginger’s previous FIC (feline idiopathic cystitis where he strained to urinate (no urine)) was at the end of March this year. That gave me a fright and it took some days before he recovered. So I already have UTI-Oxi on standby, plus Prazosin too (to relax the bladder in case of straining).

FIC is always treated as an emergency if there is any straining for fear of a blockage.

I showed the vet the photo of his blood-tinged urine ball and describe everything that I could. I asked if I should bring Ginger in for a check-up. By then it was already near closing time, so the vet said I could go to a nearer vet clinic and get Meloxicam syrup. I quickly did that and so Ginger is now on Meloxicam syrup as an anti-inflammatory for two days. He is also on UTI-Oxi and I bought a packet of Royal Canin SO (Urinary). All as advised by the vet.

I always remember the advice of our senior vet many years ago. For male cats with FIC, change the food.

Ginger is actually already on Royal Canin Mature Consult for supper every night. He does have a history of FIC due to stress. I don’t know what could have stressed him this time, but now as I recall, because we had our new security (cat-escape-proof) doors fixed yesterday, Ginger was confined in Bunny’s Room and he was very, very upset about it. There was really no other place to put Ginger during the installation of the doors because he could have easily sneaked out of the front door. And to ensure there was no fight, I even put Indy in his cage throughout the installation when Ginger was in Bunny’s Room.

Being confined – that must have caused Ginger’s FIC this time. Sigh…

The last time in May this year, it was because I confined him in the cage for a few hours as he was making too much twanging noise with the polycarb on the grille and that kept waking Jayden up.

Anyway, we started on medication straight away, so I hope the problem can resolve itself soon. The vet said if there is straining, I am not bring Ginger in immediately.

So far, there has only been once where Ginger went under the vegetable pots to squat. I noticed that and quickly put my hand to feel for urine and I didn’t feel any. Right after that, I gave Ginger a piece of Prazosin. Apart from this, he has not been straining.

Just now, I checked the litter box, and there was a clump of urine ball which was pinkish. There’s improvement from the colour this afternoon (please see below). So I hope he’s on the mend.

The urinary food makes him drink more water, which is part of the treatment.

His behaviour is quite normal. I’m confining him in the house so that I can monitor is urine colour.

Jayden comforts his little best friend.

Ginger is not so well, but he is still keeping an eye on Jayden.

I hope Ginger is on the road to recovery.

Stress!! Ginger just hates being confined against his will.

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