Bunny’s “morning sickness” (and Indy’s too)

Indy has had this “morning sickness” for goodness knows how long. It has nothing to do with the human “morning sickness”, of course. For Indy, it’s his regurgitation of food after breakfast each morning, which I think is because his stomach is without food for “too many hours” through the night. I finally found the way to resolve it. I give him a can of Cindy’s pureed food for breakfast and so far, he hasn’t regurgitated it.  So far.  But don’t ever mix this food with anything raw or incompatible, he will regurgitate everything out. Permissible to be added, but in small quantities would be canned food. From afternoon onwards, it’s fine to give Indy anything to eat. The regurgitation only happens in the morning.

Now, Bunny also started having this regurgitation problem recently, and coincidentally, it was after about a month being on the probiotic, Maximus Pro GI. Bunny had always been on Gentle Digest for the longest time and it was working very well when it stopped working and Bunny started constipating again with the need for enemas. On hindsight now, was it because I bought the Gentle Digest from an overseas online seller? Maybe I should just buy it from the clinic even though the price is higher.

Anyway, the moment we switched to Maximum Pro GI, it worked like a charm – Bunny could defecate again. Everything was fine for the first month. Then, from the second month on, Bunny started having this “morning sickness”, not as severe as Indy’s as Indy would regurgitate every bit of his breakfast out, Bunny would just regurgitate a portion out.

I tried changing his food, but nothing worked. So it wasn’t the food.

I suspect it might be the Lactulose so I adjusted the dosage. It wasn’t that too.

It was not easy to isolate what it was because Bunny is on several supplements/medication: Cisapride, Lactulose, Maximus Ophtal (for his eyes), Maximus Pro GI.

I thought it was the way the Maximum Pro GI was given. Because Bunny refuses to eat it with his food, I had to force feed it with some pureed food. So I tried mixing it with water and syringing it. That too, did not work to stop the regurgitation.

Finally, I consulted our vet.

She suggested that I give Bunny Omeprazole (1/4 capsule) half an hour before food in the morning and stop the Maximum Pro GI. I did this the first morning and voila….Bunny did not regurgitate his food. Then, as advised by the vet, I went back to Gentle Digest.

Today is Day 4 on this regimen and there has been no regurgitation so far. But…Bunny has soft stools, not well formed. This doesn’t look too serious, though. It isn’t diarrhoea. It’s soft stools. For this, I’m trying plain steamed chicken for him. I hope it works.

The plan now is to give a total of 5 days of Omeprazole, then after two days, go back to Maximus Pro GI to see if Bunny regurgitates again. If he doesn’t, then it is all good. That means Bunny had some GI problems which the Omeprazole has resolved. If Bunny regurgitates again, that means he may have developed an intolerance towards Max Pro GI. Then, we would have to go back to Gentle Digest as his probiotic.

Tricky, tricky…

Glad he isn’t in any discomfort despite the “morning sickness” earlier. He is his usual self.

I hope we get to the bottom of the morning sickness mystery. As for Indy’s, it’s been there for so long, I would just resort of what works for him now – Cindy’s pureed food in the morning, a whole can and that’s it. He can eat whatever he wants later for lunch, dinner and supper.


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