Ginger to the vet’s (FIC and kidney cyst)

This morning, Ginger was straining to urinate. There were just drops of urine and it was still blood-tinged. I gave him the Meloxicam syrup and UTI-Oxi and after about an hour, the straining stopped. But we were not taking any chances, so I took him to the vet’s first thing.

As with the last time, Ginger urinated in the carrier (probably out of protest). So by the time it was his turn, there was too little urine to extract for the urinalysis. An ultrasound was done and Ginger’s bladder wall is inflamed. The vet suspect it may have happened earlier and the stress of being confined in Bunny’s Place just exacerbated it. FIC cannot happen overnight.

Ginger’s gallbladder is okay. The size of his kidneys are fine too. However, the vet detected a cyst in his right kidney.

It is a 4mm cyst.

How the cyst could have been formed is all by chance. It’s one of those things in life. The good thing about it is that the vet did not detect any blood vessel going to the cyst. But it still needs to be monitored for further growth or more cysts. Hopefully none of that will happen. Otherwise, it would be a whole new deal of management similar to what is required for a CKD cat. The cyst cannot be removed because that would involve cutting into the kidney which would cause even more damage. The vet advised that a blood test be done to check Ginger’s kidney readings.

Ginger’s bladder wall is inflamed (as it was last time). A urinalysis would be required for a better diagnosis but since he had already emptied his bladder on the trip to the clinic, there was very little urine left to be extracted and the vet thought it futile to risk the procedure. So the plan is for me to give Ginger a subcut on another day and then, after 6 hours, collect his urine for the urinalysis. We’ve planned this for Thursday.

For his bladder, the vet prescribed Baytril for 8 days as a prophylactic antibiotic, Prazosin (bladder relaxant) as required, Meloxicam syrup (an anti-inflammatory) for 2 more days, to be followed by Beazyme. There is also CystoPro, a probiotic to be used together with UTI-Oxi. Ginger is supposed to go on Royal Canin SO and/or Mature Consult as his meals for now.

Ginger’s blood test showed that his creatinine and urea are of a healthy level, in fact, good. His blood PCV is at 36%, which is also good. Ginger was dewormed as well.

We hope Ginger will recover soon. On Thursday (if all goes well), we will get the urinalysis done and another ultrasound on the kidney cyst to check if there is any change. The vet says if there is change, it can already be seen by Thursday.

Jayden saying bye-bye to Ginger before we left for the vet’s this morning.

Ginger back home.

There is still some straining. It would take time for the medicines to work.

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