Robin, Tabs & Ginger – the art of coexisting

It had always been Tabs and Ginger inside the house.

Now, Robin has applied for permanent residence inside the house too.

For the past few days, Robin has been chasing Tabs in the house and Tabs was totally terrified. So in order to “teach” Robin that he should just leave Tabs alone, whenever the chasing gets too aggressive, Robin would have to go back to the catio.

Here’s Robin trying quite desperately to come back in through the kitchen window. We got our fiberglass netting replaced with stainless steel ones to solve the break-in problem once and for all.

We also replaced our catio doors and front door with stainless steel netted doors (again, to solve the problem of breaking in or out).

Here’s Robin asking to be let in.

But Robin has a saviour!

Jayden: Don’t worry, Robin, I will let you in!!

Robin! I’m here. I’ll let you in.

Yay, Robin is in the house!

The thing with Robin and Tabs is that they aren’t as brave or resilient as Ginger. When Jayden gets too excited, they get so afraid and will move away.

Now Robin, please do not bully Tabs if you wish to be here.

Ginger guarding Jayden….from Robin.

Jayden appears to be having a discussion with Ginger over Robin’s permanent residence application.

Tabs, being safe up here on the piano.

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