Robin the bully

From the extremely timid cat that he was, Robin is now a full-fledged BULLY…to poor Tabs.

Robin wanted very much to live indoors with Ginger and Tabs so we allowed him. But for the past few days, he had been bullying Tabs to the point of fighting with her. And Tabs is an extremely non-violent and scaredy cat, so she doesn’t fight back at all.

Things got to a head today when Tabs became so stressed out that she didn’t want to eat and she even vomited on our bed. She is so scared of Robin that she just wanted to stay upstairs.

So, Robin has to go back to the catio for today.

Sorry, Robin. Your application for permanent residence indoors has been put on hold.

Poor Tabs.

She is so scared she doesn’t even dare to come downstairs.

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