Bunny to the vet’s (kidney check and heart scan)

Bunny has been having his regurgitation of breakfast problem lately. I tried to isolate the cause but failed to do so. So the vet suggested that we do a kidney check.

Bunny’s last kidney check was seven months ago, so it’s due.

So together with Ginger, Bunny went along too.

The vet thought it prudent to also do an ultrasound of Bunny’s heart. The scan showed that Bunny’s heart is “as good as it can be for an elderly cat” except for some minor regurgitation which is normal for an elderly cat or could be due to stress. Bunny was quite stressed in the car.

Blood was taken and surprisingly, Bunny’s kidney readings have improved a lot! His creatine has come down a lot and is normal now, and his urea and phosphate leves are also normal (Crea 169; Urea 10.2; Phos 1.32.). However, Bunny’s PCV has dropped from 35% to 25%, so this needs to be monitored as well.

Bunny is currently on 230ml subcut three times a week but he is still constantly dehydrated due to his kidneys. Even this volume needs to be monitored in case it causes heart issues.

For Bunny’s constant regurgitation of breakfast, the vet suggested that we put him on Omeprazole on a daily basis and gauge from there. As for his probiotics, to get the best of both worlds, we could alternate between Gentle Digest and Maximus Pro GI since both are from different sources. Currently, Bunny is still on Gentle Digest. This is because we suspected that his vomiting had something to do with intolerance towards Max Pro GI, but that may have been a wrong hypothesis. I’m also thinking of giving his supplements mid-day or in the afternoon. My own theory is that the fairly long hours of not eating through the night may be causing some gastric issues that leads to the regurgitation of breakfast. So maybe the morning meal has to be a very “gentle” one. But this is just my own hypothesis.

The vet advised to count Bunny’s breathing when he is asleep (it should be not more than 30 per minute) and probably repeat the heart scan in a month’s time.

Bunny weighed 4kg today. He could be losing protein too due to his kidneys. This is all part and parcel of growing old with a kidney condition.



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